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RoA - Echo Ref by dragonrider292 RoA - Echo Ref by dragonrider292
A... race? Running and flying... You want me to... against others?

Condition as of Round 4: [link]

Although it might be silly, and I'm honestly going to have enough to do this upcoming semester as is, I figured I'd at least give this a shot. And if it doesn't work out? Well... at least Echo got a fair ref out of it, after being horrible scribbles for so long, and I did at least try.

A shout out to :iconpiscesgirl7: for the incredibly helpful redline of this: [link]

Worked on this on and off over break, debating mostly on the hind legs and what markings to give her-since her original design had absolutely none. The written was completed long before. Now, I think it's all about done. Download if the text is too small.


Name: Echo (#0003)
Age: Unknown. (Developmentally about a teenager)
Gender: Female
Species: Classified as Chimera
Height: 4’9” at shoulder (14.6 hands)
Weight: 850 lbs (some bones are hollowed)

Abilities/Skills: Echo is capable, thanks to the echolocation that spawned her nickname, of navigating even the darkest of spaces with ease- provided, of course, that there is something to paint a sonic picture with. She is also able to spit/inject a paralytic venom by way of partially retractable fangs and specialized glands, located in the roof of her mouth. As she cannot control the potency, however, this poison is less dangerous for larger targets, and far more fatal on smaller ones. When at rest, retracted, these fangs resembled regular canines. Rather amusing, and usually unhelpful, she also happens possesses the innate ability to determine directions and the points of the compass- possibly a natural flyer gift, or in relation to her echolocation.

Strengths: Fast, agile, and perfectly capable of flight (during the day or night), Echo is a tricky one to pin down. Her very build is geared towards stamina and speed, and if brute strength was sacrificed for it, then the addition of natural weapons such as her claws, venomous fangs, and whip-like tail well make up for it. She’s also almost entirely protected by small, interlinking scales that can withstand most low speed projectiles, but are best suited for deflection; she likes to use the larger links on her shoulders and side for this purpose, when possible, to reduce injury. Although rather clumsy looking, Echo is in fact quite at home both on the ground and in the air, and excels rather well in either environment, as her talents in one realm often translate perfectly to the other. Her eyesight is equal to a humans, which includes colour perception, and her ears are extremely keen.

Weaknesses: Echo may have speed and stamina on her side, but experience, and basic know-how, are something she lacks- she hasn’t built up quite the reserves she could potentially have, and may either over or under estimate her limits and capabilities. She is also rather uncertain in her own skin, and often forgets how well she might defend herself, if she could only recall to counter-attack when the possibility arises. Her strong armour is rather fatally chinked as well, as it does not extended where her fur grows, and the membrane of her wings may easily be torn if she’s not careful. Any sort of loud noise, be it as simple as thunder, may also distract or hurt her, as her hearing is quite sensitive, and her ears, being large and only furred, are actually quite vulnerable. The range of her normal eyesight is something of a drawback and proves limited in insubstantial or absent lighting. Her skeleton, hollowed in places as it is, does not stand for much stress either, and the overall design of her frame, while offering balance and the capacity to store energy much like prehistoric reptiles by way of her tail, often means that, when pressed, she will sometimes develop tiny fractures in the abused areas. In other words, if she were to push herself past her normal limits while, say, running, small fissures may appear in her legs from the constant impact. They can be painful, grow into a serious danger if the action is continued, but generally heal quickly. The design of her feet may also make rocky and/or sandy terrain difficult. Her most dangerous flaw, however, is more her mentality than anything physical, for it can drastically affect any of her skills, strengths or weaknesses, to various and sometimes even dangerous degrees. It makes her very unpredictable, and usually not in a good way despite her intentions.

On a side note- Due to her wings, while Echo may still float and paddle quite well, swimming is difficult for her. Much as she likes to splash around from time to time, she’s better off on dry land or in the air.

Personality: Echo is, in a word, childish. She’s curious, quiet, even attentive, yet all the while naïve about many things. The large gap in her memory makes her timid and easily spooked, and she often acts under the impression that she’s somehow in the wrong and must make up for it. Rather than meet or converse with other sentient beings, it’s even become habit for her to hide or retreat within herself, and she can sometimes go to odd lengths to achieve this- in spite of her secret desire to make companions, and truly…. ‘belong’. To those who manage to gain her trust, however, she’s as loyal as can be, sometimes even fiercely so. She’ll do almost anything for these treasured few. Ironically, though, these beings are also likely the only ones in any sort of position to stop her during one of her breaks.

Memories are a strange thing for Echo, a fluid stream that has no definition of the past or present, and it’s rather often that they pass straight through her mind without making any lasting impression. But when they do settle, and the mental gears start grinding as they once did…. Well, depending on what sort of memory it is, her reaction differs, but suffice it to say most are of the painful, lash-out variety. If there’s even one person there, someone she knows, to anchor her in the present, she’s much better off and less likely to accidentally cause harm.

Mannerisms/Attitude: Echo suffers from severe amnesia, self inflicted in fact, so don’t expect her to really remember you. She also speaks haltingly, with a slight lisp, in short sentences that are to the point yet somewhat vague as well.

Ex.: “You… don’t like storms? Pretty things…. but so wet. And loud.”

Otherwise, one can generally expect her to act submissively, with a dipped head and pinned ears. She will sometimes lash her tail, forgetful of its danger, when particularly agitated.

History: What happened in Echo’s past is something not even she knows, and maybe it’s better off that way. She doesn’t remember anything of being a child, her turmoil ridden family, or the excruciating process they gave her up for, that stole first her future, then her form, and at last threatened to take her very sanity as well. Only self imposed amnesia left the last few shreds intact, and they are what form her personality now.

Her first memories are of faces- looming, poking, studying faces in pale white coats- and a sterile place that they explained was her home. She grew to maturity there, among all the tests and games they set up for her, but it soon became clear, even to her muddled mind, that something was amiss. Unable to account for time, Echo could not say how long she’d lived in the home, but as what she assumed were years progressed, the tests and games became fewer, food rations smaller, and some people simply ceased to come around, anymore. They spoke of funds, when they thought she couldn’t hear late at night, and how general opinion had turned against them. Genetic splicing was the future! Or so they complained, and often she grew confused and stopped eavesdropping when the talks turned political.

What was very clear though, and they made certain to drive the understanding deep into her memory, was that she was a failure and needed to earn her keep now. They needed money, they needed power, and above all, they needed enough status that no one would ever question their pursuits again. The Race offered it all. She, as their creation, would enter and win it for them. She could not fail.

And if she did? Well… it was better that failures disappear.

((Which, I should call attention to, translates to Echo roughly knowing where she should be, but not really what to do or why. ))

Likes: Sweets, flying, the night, friends.
Dislikes: Groups, loud things, pain
Other: Before Echo came two other experiments, #0001 and #0002. Neither survived for long. Of the three thus created, Echo was the only one to be grafted from a half grown child, and the first to remain warm-blooded through the process. A small chip was implanted in her skull to ensure obedience once she was stable.

RoA: :iconrace-of-aleria:
Ymp's Ref: [link]
Old pics: [link] [link]
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ReverendAspen Featured By Owner May 3, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Lovely work on a beautiful character!

I'm thinking of cameoing her, but I feel the need to ask: is she okay with people riding on her for a little while? Assuming they ask politely? ^^""
dragonrider292 Featured By Owner May 3, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

She really wouldn't mind- probably see it as a first step of friendship, if they're accepting enough to come right up to her. I don't think anyone's really spoken to her yet.
theethe Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011
awesome character! =)
TheLupineOne Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011  Student General Artist
i wonder... i wonder if... will it be revealed... she was once... human?
dragonrider292 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whether she was or wasn't does not matter if she can't bear to recall, hm?
TheLupineOne Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011  Student General Artist
it must be a true horror
crystalleung7 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011  Student General Artist
A very nice looking character :3 i hope i get to compete with you X'D -is starting to think of a lot of things already-
mychemicalromanceism Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
haha pretty awesome! like legit very interesting and win.
remind me to actually work on Chouko's ref yeah?
xDeadpuffx Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Perdy :D
dragonrider292 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you. ^^
xDeadpuffx Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Welcome ^^ :D
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